Automated Amazon KDP




In This New Automated Amazon KDP System, you’ll learn How To:


Write a plagiarism-free book in less than 1 hour using a super, proven, and tested machine…even if you are not a writer


To make more money in Am998azon kdp, you need to write more quality books.


But, there might be no time or the ideas are not flowing…

This is where this super tech device will help you write more books to help you make more money.

✔You’ll also see where and how to access this machine at a very ridiculous rate(300% less than the original price).


This is currently hidden from the public, and even if you get a hand on it, it is too outrageous to avoid


But I will show you how to easily access it.

✔Create your book covers (kindle, paperback, hardcover) in less than 5 minutes even if you are not a graphic designer.


You don’t have to waste too much time,  the automated strategy is set to make the work easier and faster for you.

It will show you how to create stunning designs for your book to make it irresistible to buy.

✔Best Strategy to do your Amazon KDP book research that guarantees you get immediate results using the best and most proven publishing software.


This is where a lot of people give up because of the technicalities and know-how needed

But forget about any of this, because in this course, you’ll see how to replicate the same strategy I’ve used to create over 150 books.

✔How To handle your Amazon KDP tax interview questionnaire

This will help you avoid the risk of getting your account unapproved. 


✔How To Create and set up your Amazon KDP account

 Recently, there is a high risk of banned accounts because Amazon wants to make the site safe for its authors.

I will show you how to bypass this risk of being banned.

You’ll see the exact strategy I used to create an account that will never get banned.

And Many More…